Database driven applications developer

Web Applications developer (ASP /ASP DotNet)
Elena Orel
3566 Beard Road
Fremont, CA 94555
Cell phone (510) 544-9667
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If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.
Work with intelligent and passionate people to create innovative web applications for a company that is serious about software engineering.
  • 15 yrs of Internet and Intranet projects development, 6 yrs of work experience in web-based product development with the most recent focus on e-commerce, benefits administration, education, and collaboration;
  • Understanding of the concepts for successful web application design;
  • Project management and tech leadership (including management of outsources);
  • Knowledge of software lifecycle (taking projects from initiation to product release through design, implementation, and testing);
  • Extensive experience working closely with both business and technical teams;
  • Strong commitment to delivering quality applications within aggressive project timelines.
    My experience is based on tens of sites produced, thousands of dynamic pages written, developing average size database driven applications by myself, and developing at least 3 huge applications in collaboration with other specialists.
Primary Technology
ASP with middle tier COM components/ASP with VBScript and Javascript/ ASP.NET with C#/SQLServer/XML.

Client Side: html, xml, xslt, xhtml, css1, css2, dom level1, dom level2, javascript, dhtml
Server Side: sql server(db design, tsql),business objects(c#, vbscript)
  • Polytechnic Institute, Master of Technical Science St. Petersburg (have equivalent of masters degree from accredited college or university in the United States)
  • International Management Institute, St. Petersburg
    Course: "The Basis of External Economic Activity"
  • Institute of Cultural Programs, St. Petersburg
    Course: "The Basics of Design: colors, compositions, perspectives"
AuctionDrop, Inc.- eBay drop-off service San Carlos, CA
Feb, 2004 - Present

aspnet application
  • Prototyped and implemented all front-end parts of the application using C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, 3d party tree view components;
  • Architected the front-end level of the application without using Session Object or database storage. Handler of the main page was used as alternative for storing cross-page variables;
  • Extensively reused custom controls and placeholders to form numerous page contents;
  • Adapted aspnet_client javascript to provide server control validation on the client side for Netscape; Final implementation of the front-end layout was completed in 2 months. Current stage: changing and maintaining the application per new customer services requirements..
    ASP/VBScript/JavaScript/COM/XML/3d party ActiveX; ASP.NET/C# /XML
BenefitAmerica, Inc. - Redwood City, CA
Feb 2000 - Feb 2004
Senior Web Programmer, Team Lead

BenefitAmerica Campus - Project Description:
BenefitAmerica offers mid- to large-sized companies their Campus benefits solution, a hosted, web-based application for benefits administration and self-service benefits management.
The application delivers benefits communication, eligibility, enrollment and transaction processing services.
The system was developed in N-Tier Architecture with web interface designed in ASP with middle tier COM components /ASP.NET with C#/ SQL Server.
It is composed of two interfaces: an employee and a benefits administration interface.

benefitamerica campus web application
  • Front-end Technology:
    - overall site design, process design, page level design, defining standard conventions and implementation consistently throughout application;
    - solutions for reusability, customization;
  • Implementing dynamic database driven pages for the next business tasks:
    - perform new-hire benefits enrollment, annual open enrollment, and life event changes (self-service and on behalf of employees); view employee benefits profiles;
    - approve enrollment requests, terminate employee benefits coverage;
    - create benefits administration reports and data extracts, publish forms, handbooks, SPDs, HR policies, etc.;
    - manage employee and administrator record data.
  • Innovative Creations:
    - proposing and implementing innovative technical solutions to provide greatest flexibility possible when working with dynamic pages (XML solutions, distributed computing, generating forms content on the fly, generating reports with and without Crystal Reports);
  • B2B technologies:
    - developing SOAP and traditional (XML over HTTP; ASP.NET:WebRequest) interfaces to maintain 3rd party web applications (UnumProvident individual products) - from idea to complete implementation.

ASP/VBScript/JavaScript/COM/XML/3d party ActiveX; ASP.NET/C# /XML
ECBridge, Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA
Jun 1998 - Feb 2002
Senior Web Programmer

CoordinateOnline - Project Description: is used to schedule specialists within a given project, give clients access to everyday results, and to organize all important components of the project.
Features and functionality of the file system and the all advantages of database applications running through the WEB were used.
Controlling information is the most important aspect of this system (resources, time lines, processes, drawings, etc.).

aspnet application
From idea to implementation through database (information architecture, database design, middleware development, page scripting, page layout, user flow, interface design) - the complete list of tasks using popular ASP/SQL/Javascript server/client technology.


Client's testimonies:
"The CoordinateOnline system developed by Ms. Orel has been invaluable to our Company.
It has eliminated most of the client/Architect communication problems associated with this trade.
The Designer finishes an aspect of the design of a Client's Project, uploads it to the site; the Client is notified by email, and then has the capability to modify and communicate back to the Designer their desires.
We have saved so much time in traveling and communication with this system that we could not survive without it."

RFPEdge - Project Description: is a platform that allows:
An Initiating Agency to:
- Prepare, publish and administer RFPs/RFQs/RFBs/RFIs
- Administer the question/answer (FAQ) section
- Evaluate responses from Vendors
- Provide Vendors and the Public with appropriate information
Vendors to:
- Have free access to RFB/RFQ/RFP/RFI lists
- Ask questions and receive answers
- Keep informed about their response status and updates
- Send responses online

aspnet application
From idea to implementation through database (information architecture, database design, middleware development, page scripting, page layout, user flow, interface design) - the complete list of tasks using popular ASP/SQL/Javascript server/client technology.

XML/XLT have been used widely to implement questionnaires online.

Current stage:
Transfering to DotNET

Stanford Executive Program - Participant Content Management
Project Description:

The application handled configuration, database connectivity, and template management, allowing the administrator to focus on application content.
The task was to create reusable templates to form new content every year.
Participants have been provided with a tool to share not only business knowledge, but photos, stories, video files etc.

SEP web application
Worked closely with the SEP administration to find their needs, formulate the task, build information model, provide technical solutions within environment, and, finally, make pages.
The second part of the project is to convert dynamic content to static pages for CD distribution.


Client's testimonies:
"The SEP (Stanford Executive Program) site is for the exclusive use of the SEP attendees, and is intended to provide a focus to the intensive SEP experience. Introduced in 2001, participants reported it to be 'extremely helpful.' "
The companion CD was also very popular.
Stanford Graduate School of Business Seating Chart
Project Description:

This application has relatively few pages, but has a very interesting content.
Instructors have different classes connected to particular rooms and they want to know who is who in their class.
Developed database of rooms, their configurations, and an algorithm to show rooms' layout was developed.
Existing students database was adapted in such a way, that Instructor (or Teaching Assistant) could "seat" (display a photo of) a particular student in a particular place.
The final picture with seated students was very useful to start knowing each other.

seatingchart web application
Interacted with faculty and collected and analyzed system requirements and transformed them into technical and functional requirements resulting in suitable solutions.
Coding was the simplest part of this project (ASP/SQL/Javascript server/client technology)


Client's testimonies:
"It's hard to believe that faculty and staff have both reached the same line of thought, but, they have.
Your patience, and follow-through have paid off, the seating chart web-site is a huge success!!"
Stanford Breakfast Briefings
Project Description:

"Stanford Breakfast Briefings is a distinguished speaker series designed for the academic, business, and technology community.
The speakers are industry leaders, tenured faculty from Stanford University, and other academicians."

breakfastbriefings web application
Visible part:
Reservation of seats and payments through VeriSign was provided for this Stanford program.
This standard ASP/SQL/JavaScript solution remains a successful e-commerce system.

Invisible part:
Database driven application for administrators to maintain speakers schedule, keep track of events, participants, speakers.


Client's testimonies:
"Appearance of Breakfast Briefings has not changed significantly over the past several years, but with the help of ECBridge, users can now reserve seats and pay fees online, and administrators can edit speaker and event information online."
OnestopDesign web site
Sapling Commendation
"The site has a sleek, professional look, and includes brief information about the company, its services, and its design team. The highlight is the richly illustrated portfolio section, featuring details of the company's design projects and concepts, with good quality drawings and CAD renderings.
Awarded a Sapling Commendation."
OnestopDesign, Inc.
A promotional web site for OnestopDesign, Inc.
Architected, designed, programmed, promoted, and maintained.
ASP/VBScript/JavaScript/ SQL2000/T-SQL/DHTML/PhotoShop
Client's testimonies:
"Our Primary Website, designed by Ms. Orel, has been one of the main factors responsible for the success of our Corporation.
Roughly 60-70% of our business comes from customers surfing this site.
In all cases, they have commented that they are impressed with our site, and that compels them to call us and do business.
The sites are well constructed, and move smoothly from page to page, creating an impression of professionalism.
She has accurately projected what OneStopDesign is all about."
OnestopDesignBuild web site
Sapling Commendation
"The site is attractively designed and well illustrated, and features informative 'Build Your Home', 'How We Work', 'Construction Technologies' and 'Portfolio' sections.
Awarded a Sapling Commendation." was constructed to effectuate the business model in the mind of the Principal Architect, and to his specifications. Each day hundreds of perspective buyers and information seekers visit the site. Many order plans and services as the direct result of the visit.
Web production
Kiteship web site Kiteship Corporation, CA Promotion site.
OracleBMW Racing teams up with Kiteship, Inc. for the America's Cup Challenge
concept of view, project design, art direction, graphic design, logo design, style, user interface, navigation systems, active feedback forms, HTML and JScript coding, optimization of the all graphics, texts, QA, JavaScript, HTML code, solve cross-platform and cross-browser issues/troubles/problems.
Tools: ASP/VBScript/JavaScript/DHTML/PhotoShop
urbandesignconcepts web site
Sapling Architecture Gateway review:
"The site traces the development of the project from early ideas, through to the urban study and planning concept, before addressing space and ambiance, and reaching the final proposal. The site is very clearly organised, with a highly - if rather brown - professional appearance."
Urban Redevelopment LLC, Richmond, VA
Promotion site for Urban Revitalization Concept - Jackson Place Redevelopment Project.
Concept of view, project design, web production.
Client's testimonies:
"Ms. Orel assisted us in this Presentation/RFP for the City of Richmond, by providing coordination and a site to effectively present this Project to the City of Richmond, Virginia.
The speed and accuracy of her setups helped us to put this Project together in record time."
1992-1998 - Graphica Ltd. - Software Engineer
1985-1992 - Pavlov Physiology Institute of Science Academy - Software Engineer