rMeter.com - Energy monitoring - solar results to the web

Energy monitoring - solar results to the web

"We provide real-time and near real-time energy monitoring and web visualization. "Its the knowledge you need to control your budget."

You can view the performance of any energy system remotely, from at home, in your office, or on the road."

rMeter™ was born in 2002 when we tried to implement a commercial energy monitoring product in the jungles of Bolivia, and discovered it did not work. We attempted to fix it, but the design was too poor to make a retrofit practical. But we needed an energy monitoring system and began a serious search for a tcp/ip based solution. After serveral false starts, we found robust hardware that performs extremely well.

Hardware is necessary, but the software needed to complete rMeter™ had to be developed from scratch. It was a large project, and like most large projects the design is evolving with time. rMeter Real Time is the most recent product, and it is ready to commercialize. It is a Windows application communicating with the hardware using AJAX techniques.

rMeter was developed using MS SQL Server, Visual Studio, the C# programming language, and the .NET Framework Version 2.0.

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