"ECBridge"™ symbolizes the integration of the freedom of creativity with the reliability of business, and the joining of international talents through electronic technologies.

To combine the efforts and results of talented people, independently of where they live, made practical by the capabilities of The Internet

Joining international talents in hi-tech and hi-art areas to promote small and middle-size businesses and organizations in Internet commerce.

Our strategy is to support our clients in their business development by applying creatively well thought-out solutions to their problems.

Electronic Commerce (the EC in "ECBridge"™) is about more than sales of things over The Internet. EC is about moving Information Technology (IT) to the web. ECBridge is at the forefront of this process, and we will prosper by helping our clients prosper.

ECBridge™ supports an atmosphere of creativity, professionalism, collective generation of ideas, success of every staff member, respect of clients and each other, and a positive mental attitude.